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Default Re: Joe Gans v Benny Leonard?

Joe Gans apears to be more sneky and clever than he is fast or fundmentaly solid. He keeps his hands low (I'm not sure how much of a problem that really is), and if you watch his legs. He tends to cross them when he moves forwards and backwards. On the pluse side he dose a good job of controling range, and he can hit.
As Clever as Gans apears. if the word clever was to go to any one boxer. I'd give it to Benny Leonard. He's a better fundmental boxer.
As far as I know both boxers can rise to the occision. I understand that Gans had to throw a fight here and there. JHowever when not restricted as far as I know he came through.
I think Leonard being the better boxer will win a close decision.
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