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Default Re: Training Regime & Diet Plan For a competetive Amateur Boxer

Originally Posted by MrPook View Post
I think you are doing it right. There is something like over****ysing things you now. Train hard and do what feels right to you. You do train hard so that is good.

When I lived in the USA and was totally dedicated to boxibg this is what I did:

Run 6 times a week. Get up at 7 in the morning. Run for 30 minutes including sprints in my running. Then walk out and run up the stairs to the 14th floor as fast as possible without skipping steps. (honestly it was most times it was more like I did run 4/5 times a week in reallity) Sometimes I did run in the evening also but after a while I did not, instead I did like 2/3 times a week weights in the evening for 1 hour. I think that would be better for you instead of running in the evening. You already run 6 times a week you know what I mean?

AFTER i did run I had breakfast. Wich was really no more then 1/2 boles of cereal with skim milk. Trough the day I would drink 1 gallon of skim milk a day (3.76 liters). Great for proteins. 1 gallon of skim milk is like 140/150 grams of protein.

Other things I did eat a lot were kidney beans. Sometimes I would eat a whole can for breakfast or I would eat a whole can for dinner. Or I would eat other kind of peas for dinner. And some steak or chicken. For lunch I would eat either an orange, a bowl of cereals, a banana (had that for breakfast also sometimes), or a sanswich. If I felt hungry or felt like I needed the callories I would eat a sandwich or (very exceptional) drink a quart of whole choclate milk. I also made sure I never felt hungry. If I felt hungry I would eat something. But never eat cookies, junk food, fruit juice (to much sugar/carbs), fried food.

I was always carefull never to take more carbs then I needed on one day and eat/drink a whole lot of protein. I also took creatine and two vitamin pills a day. One after running and one before going to bed.

Boxing training I did 5 days a week. 3 hours in the gym training. 1 hour of jumping rope on the clock. (3 minutes, 1 minute rest) Other 2 hours were bagwork, sparring, pull-ups, push-ups, stomach muscle training, jumpingjacks etc. Those 3 hours were 3 hours of training not dressing, talking, fooling around.

As i said 2/3 times a week I would do weights for 1 hour.

O yeah and I did sleep like 11 hours a day/night. Always was in the bed before 10 in the evening and always got up no later then 7 in the morning.
This is terrible training and diet.You ran on empty stomach?
And 3 hours in the boxing gym?!What the hell?
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