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Default Re: Official Aussie NRL Thread

Originally Posted by pecks View Post
So you made a point that had nothing to do with the conversation?

I think we can all see that you're trying to dig your rolly polly **** out of the hole you threw yourself into.

Your eyes lit up when you first read the work "fanook" in my post, and couldn't wait to point out what you thought wasn't even a word, only to find out that is is a used word. So you sloppily attempt to squeeze your rolly polly **** out of the toilet you made for yourself.
And just like your league team, you're finding it to be an uphill battle.
Umm, actually I knew it was a use word... Again I watched sopranos through 3 times, my point still stands it isn't italian , you brought up that I was italian then called me a fanook.... I'm not italian American nor a mafioso so your insult doesn't make sense, us Italians don't use that made up word.. It's for tv
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