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Default Re: Creatine for boxers. Thoughts?

Originally Posted by wayneflint View Post
Here you will find a disscussion about marathons and cp system where it is common knowledge that everything you contributed to the post was incorrect cp is first 10 sec and takes upto 2 and a half minutes rest to replenish stores AT RESTgood day

You are a moron and a half. First of all you're quoting a message from some random person on a forum and then a couple of posts down someone corrects him with the correct information. Good Day

Skip to the discussion in this study:

You are so incredibly stupid, do you think PCr isn't replenished during 2 hours of sub maximal exercise? Every burst of energy is going to require a large input from PCr. Just think about it, do you think your body has a mechanism that doesn't allow PCr to be replenished until you're completely rested? When exercise intensity drops below maximal then PCr is replenished, the rate of replenishment dependent on a few factors. Energy systems don't turn off. Common knowledge? You need some elementary knowledge first you stupid ****.

* expects reply saying "errr you're wrong about everything, stop trying to argue on a message board even though I'm a ****ing spastic and I started arguing when I was completely wrong and I couldn't admit it. Here's another scientific forum post as proof you big mean idiot." *

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