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Default Re: Sparring and finding range

Honestly, I don't think all the advice in the world on the best boxing forum would hypothetically help you any more than just practice, practice, practice.

Sparring is not a natural feeling for most people. You need to establish a comfort level and get used to the movement and spacing before cleaning up your technique. This can only happen in time with practice.

Inability to land solid punches is something many of us go through. It happens due to: rushing too fast to punch resulting in bad form, not committing to the punch, bad judgement of distance, too much tension, improper breathing or any combination of those.

So many factors, and perhaps too early to focus on technique.
For now, keep it simple.

My advice for starters:
- Remember to breathe (i know, sounds stupid but many newbies struggle to maintain consistent well paced breathing).
- Try to stay loose and relaxed
- Have confidence in your defence (try not to back up too much, look away, close your eyes) trust your eyes to see punches coming, and trust your arms to block punches.

Good luck, i look forward to hearing about your progress.
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