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Default Re: The Four Ages of Dan Henderson - Where/when was he at his best?

Originally Posted by the_bigunit View Post
Stage 3 is so crazy.

Picks up the greatest win of his career.

Loses two times in a row.

Obliterates Bisping's soul.

Outwrestled by a Welterweight.

EDIT: Well he picked up decent wins against Franklin and Palhares. Was also good against Silva and Jackson. This stage is a bit more consistent than I originally thought.
Also, the Shields fight can be thrown out. He absolutely manhandled Shields before becoming a corpse in the ring. He clearly had nothing for that fight. I think the start of that fight showed exactly how much better Hendo is than Shields. Jake laying on top of a spent Hendo for the rest of the fight doesn't prove anything to me, other than the obvious fact that Shields was in better shape.
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