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Default Re: Floyd Mayweather vs Top 10 Contenders/Champions

Originally Posted by drunkboat View Post
I cant see when he fought Tzyu or Pacquiao or when he fought Mosley and De La Hoya in their prime.
Floyd called Mosley/DLH out for years...YEARS before either of them were willing to fight him. They chose to wait until they were "past-prime". Oh, and it wasn't until after the fights that people decided they were past-prime

As I said in other posts, Floyd (for some reason) gets all the blame for the fight not happening. Pac didn't want to take blood tests. There's literally zero excuse for that, zero. Then he needs nine months for a cut to heal, then he wants an outdoor stadium... I mean wtf?

If Pac wanted to fight Floyd as badly as he claimed, he could've done two things:

1. Refuse to fight anyone else except Floyd
2. Not resign with Top Rank. Notice how Cotto's first fight after Top Rank was Floyd? Interesting "coincidence"

Pac never wanted the fight.

Originally Posted by canucks9314 View Post
i cAn't believe mosley doesn't get any flack for his i got to see a dentist comments.

Originally Posted by turbotime View Post
Insane record. He really does fight the best. Best undefeated record of all time IMO
I agree

Originally Posted by turbotime View Post
People that say Floyd ducked Mosley were following boxing in 2009. Then when Floyd signed months later, Mosley became shot
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