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Originally Posted by Theron View Post
Are you ****ing kidding me or just trolling? cause that may be one of the stupidest things i have ever heard, nowadays they are slow fat slobs even at lower weights back in the 20's 30's ect they could go for aslong as they needed not anymore they would be completely outworked by the old fighter, can you even name one fighter from before the 80's i bet not...
I can name hundreds. Enjoy those nostalgia glasses, time has passed on and you'll disappear with the dinosaurs you idolise. I'm guessing you don't know anything about physiology, there's a big difference between fighting at the intensity of a David Haye compared to a Joe Louis. Any boxer today could train like a marathon runner and be a slow fighter that can go forever but the thing is knowledge advances, that slow endurance, volume fighter would get blown away by a powerful, explosive guy who can fight at a high intensity for a short time. Enjoy living in the past.
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