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Default tall pressure fighters

So last friday I was sparring this guy at my gym. He's taller than me and has a longer reach, doesn't hit very hard at all but has a lot of agression, speed and energy. Likes to pressure people, fight at a pace they're not comfortable fighting at. I don't mean to sound ****y but this is honestly what usually happens. When someone tastes my power they revert to staying on the outside and circling away from me, especially if they have a longer reach. This guy fights in explosive bursts almost like charges with straight punches pushing off his back foot throwing 4-8 in a row. I am not used to being pressured so it's new to me. When I try to fight fire with fire by charging back at him we usually end up in a clinch and he holds me. He's kind of awkward or maybe i'm just not used to this type of fight. After a few rounds I switched up my game plan a little bit, rather than clashing with him I stepped back as he lunged in and launched an uppercut that caught him flush on the chin. I can also bob and weave and come up with a big hook. He doesn't like getting hit by me but I honestly think he just doesn't know how to fight backing up. Maybe he's just aggressive in nature. Have you guys ever came across a fighter like this? Not a big puncher, tall, long reach, fast, energetic and aggressive? He's the only guy I know that is like this, any thoughts on how to deal with this guy? He doesnt get the better of me usually but he always takes me out of my comfort zone. I've been timing him and catching him with big shots one at a time kind of as a counter puncher...advice.thoughts?
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