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Default Re: the method - johnny famechon

Originally Posted by atigerofold View Post
Jeeze, that sounds a dangerous punch Crusher, but I can understand how some boxers of the calibre of Duran, could pull it off........I wonder how many right hands he wore heavily, in order to become competent at the roll......he had a way of wearing a few to give a few Duran; he was one of the greatest fighters of all time....

I was thinking about this Method application....I think that there are several layers in ways of teaching it to kids and existing boxers....

Kids....quickly start with their stance and correct it quickly....then teach them how to travel forward and back and to the left and right. Then get them throwing the left and right and a hook at you, which you catch (on your gloves). Then introduce their catching of your punches on its own, for the rest of a round. Then introduce the ducking over the next round..... Let em duck the left hook four or five times as you swing it....then four or five times, let em get under your right cross.....then let them shift forward to the left, and then the right as they slip your jab..... The more you go through this three round drill with them, the quicker they arrive at the higher standards. The better they get. Hey, and these drills never stop. and as they get more skillful, your intensity as a trainer also increases........even if they become a World Title Holder, these drills continue each day.

With current boxers, I immediately introduce the catching and ducking techniques, and also the leaps back and away from my attacks. After two rounds of catching and ducking, exchange left jabs - continually demonstating coverage of the chin and diaphram. Then I work on defensive counter punches. (right counter, right cross inside your left hook at them, right tombollo over your left lead, their right cross caught on your high held right glove) It all works well, is authentic and relevant to the real ring regime.

As they develop these methods, it is great to see that what you have taught them, is quickly repeated and applied by them in their sparring....if they want to do this.......Being able to catch or duck incoming is so important in confidence one needs to get a hiding to learn skillful and effective boxing.
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