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Default Re: Prime corrie sanders vs vitali

Sanders wasted away his prime. We only saw a glimpse of his potential in the Wlad, Rahman, and Vitali fights.

Sad for us that he essential quit on himself after the Tubbs loss, and was merely an opponent when he was brought in for Wlad and Rahman.

He was smartly passed over by Holyfield, Lewis, and Tyson, as being high risk, low reward b/c he didnt have a great following, but as he showed in the Rahman fight, he could change a fight with one well placed shot.

How's this for a poll?

Who woulda been the best had their career not been cut off or wasted?

I know most folks don't rate Mesi, but he was young, had a great beard and was a ruthless body puncher with a sound offensive ****nal.
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