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Default Re: Prime corrie sanders vs vitali

[chitownfightfan] "Sanders wasted away his prime."

Absolutely. Look at Francois Botha, and his resume, and what he accomplished with far less talent. Sanders beat him four times in the amateurs, knocking him out twice. Let's imagine that Sanders had a better promoter and had gotten the same opportunities ... oh, well.

[] "Sad for us that he essential quit on himself after the Tubbs loss"

I don't think that he quit on himself so much as that he never really had the fire inside that drives people to be great champions. He seemed content to stay in SA and stick with sucky promoters and fight once in a while to keep the pot boiling. But even if you look at some of the so-so fighters that he beat, you can get a flash of what might have been. Art Card, who took Holmes the distance, was given the beating of his life. Levi Billups, who went the distance with Lewis, was given a hiding. And so on.

[chitownfightfan] "was merely an opponent when he was brought in for Wlad and Rahman."

He was supposed to be a snack for Wlad, yes, but let's not forget that he was the WBU champion (yes, I know, you can stop s******ing, now) and Rahman was the challenger. I know that Sanders had had that knee injury and all, but ffs, couldn't he at least have climbed onto an exercise bike or something? Tsk.
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