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Default Re: Your scorecard for Muhammad Ali vs. Ken Norton III?

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
Well more than a few people in this thread have it as close as a single point.

I have it close myself. I wouldn't even call it a robbery, frankly. I thought Ellis-Patterson was far worse. Associated Press (ringside) had the third Norton fight 9-6 to Ali, but Ellis-Patterson 7-4 to Patterson.

**** Young, writing from ringside: "Clearly, Norton did NOT beat Ali badly...this writer had it even at the end of fourteen, and so did the card of two judges."

Young scored the final round, and therefore the fight, to Norton.

The same as a lot of us.

Pretending this is one of the biggest robberies in history is utterly preposterous.

Could n't agree more,McGrain. Far more suspect results than Ali-Norton III are brought up a lot less.

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