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Default Re: the method - johnny famechon

Boxers must have an extremely high order skills set. How do they gain this perfection ?

The trainer can assist in slowly breaking down the perfect practice which is necessary to identify the system or technique, but the boxer needs to practice it in real time and to practice and test it against real opposition.

Practice by high level sparring ("taking few prisoners") is necessary to perfect and bring into place the new techniques that are learnt.

High level (competitive) sparring is not a thing that you can just click your fingers and instantly have. Having a gym that has a number of competitive boxers is so necessary for boxers being able to practice moves and techniques (and quality improve); losing in the (real) professional ring is never a good learning factor in the sport of is not like Tennis, where you can often learn a lot by losing. Losing in boxing is usually the way to a short career or early retirement.

The benefit of being able to go to a well populated boxing gym, where good sparring is provided and managed fairly might be an enigma for some.
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