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Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post

Of course they're not explosive. Dempsey moves like Valuev and he'd only be a cruiserweight these days. Just look at how they fought back then, no defence and sloppy punching, if you think boxing hasn't progressed since then you're out of your mind. Look at Zale vs Cerdan, taking in turns to punch, no feints, no defence, clinch after every combination. Take those glasses off old man. Actually maybe you need to put some on
If you say Dempsey had no defence your talkng out of your ass and probably only seen the Willard fight Nat Fleischer and many other boxing historians and trainers talk about his defence his bobbing and weaving and unless your saying you know more about boxing than historians and trainers like Burt Sugar Nat Fleischer Ray Arcel ect ect then your talking out your ass...and Zale's prime was with him in the 4 years in the army dumbass and if you actually watch Zale would shoulder roll some rights ect especially in the 3rd Graziano match maybe he didn't do it in the Cerdan fight because umm lets see his shoulder and elbow were completely ****ed and wasn't the same from war inactivity age ect, and wtf are you talking about im 27 years old... Is that old to you?.. And listen dumbass explosive dosent mean your explosive for the whole fight it mean explosive punches quick left hooks ''explosive'' punches not fighting explosive for the whole fight i think you needa learn abit more, explosive dosent mean how they move for the whole fight its how they punch ffs, example leaping left hooks , quick hard punches for a very short period of time

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