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Default Re: Earnie Shavers VS George Forman. The Ultimate Slugfest. Who wins and how?

Originally Posted by Azzer85 View Post
Didnt Foreman openly admit he ducked Shavers?

maybe there was some doubt in Foremans head?

not that it would have mattered

Id be surprised if this goes more than 2 rounds
Foreman says so, so much, Azzer. He always has. He was afraid of Frazier, for instance, in his words, literal knee-shaking fear. Said he'd stop Lewis early, then said he was without doubt the GOAT heavyweight after he beat the highly faded Tyson. He said no one should be called "p4p" anything until they fought James Page. He said he took it easy on Morrison so he wouldn't ruin him. He said Holyfield ran against him when they fought...He's always saying crazy **** to overly flatter someone, or himself, or be overly self-effacing (totally erratic in this manner), etc. In short, don't take Foreman too seriously. About anything. Ever.
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