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Default Re: The Official Bangkok Fight Card Thread

Originally Posted by yaca you View Post
Thanks fro posting all the fights Yaca!

Sam A vs Petphanomrung

Good s****, Sam had a rough opening round that’s for sure, but I thought his rally in the 2nd was pretty impressive, he kept pressing slamming in elbows and kicks, not used to seeing him fight that way and he looked pretty good til he was caught off balance near the end of the round. Pet took control pretty easily again in the 3rd taking advantage of Sam’s need to press the action & against a top flight Thai you ain’t never gonna get the advantage by pressing too much unless you’re a superhuman Bovy type which Sam A is the polar opposite of! Great spoiling and counter kicks from Pet. I thought the first half of the 4th when Sam was getting all “Pornsaneh” on Pet with a mix of solid punches and good low kicks that Sam might eventually get to him especially if he stepped it up a bit, but then Sam started going high with his kicks and easing up abit, not good against a technical guy in counter mode. For me this is where it all slipped away fro Sam, IMO he should have stuck to kicking low to stem the movement of Pet & try to position him Pet for his solid hands and elbows in the corners or against the ropes (easier said than done). Pet wasn’t using the knee to deter Sam from punching & remember Sam has western-boxed professional, he has great hands and spars with Somluck at Pethyindee. Sam’s just not an aggressive seek and destroy type, which he needed to be after his terrible 1st round. Anyway Kudos to Pet, great discipline in sticking to his plan and not getting pulled into an elbow war in the 2nd & 4th.

Seanchai vs Singdam

A “Muay Fimueu” chess match, great textbook P4P stuff, but give me Sakmongkol vs Jongsanan any day over that kind bout! Not great for the neutral spectator, blasphemy I know, but ain’t it the truth! It didn’t paly out that differently form the encounter they had last September which also ended in a Singdam win, it’s on the 1st page of this thread, infact I think Seanchi had more success in the last fight. A great technical Seanchai vs a great technical Singdam equals acid vs alkaline they cancel each other out. Singdam has a serious right leg though, I wouldn’t want that landing on my thigh or ribs! Sindam absolutely had to keep this fight at kicking range which he did, it gave him the great advantage of reach and the space to use his great back leg, anytime Seanchi gets almost into a clinch you sense a little bit of panic in Singdam and you see him lock and spread his thighs wide for stability, Seanchi’s off balancing techniques & low sweeps are legendary and in a close fight like this could make all the difference, look at Singdam at around 7.12, a little bit of panic? Seanchi’s hands are also a danger to. For me Singdam’s bit of extra weight, awesome defense and quality right leg were the difference in this one. Seanchai like Sam A is an unbeatable fighter when you’ve got go and hunt him down, but on the offensive is vulnerable, but not many can put either Seanchai or Sam A in into a position that demands them to come after you.

Superlek vs Wanchalong

Hard exhausting fight. I’m a fan of Wanchalong he’s an elegant but hard little fighter with good speed and agility, a great mix of kicks and punches. Until the after the third you always felt that the moment the bigger stronger, Superlek started walking him down, grabbing him and using those mighty knees that Wanachalong wasn’t gonna be able to do much, but boy did he smash that theory! He more than held his own in the clinches using good knees and spoiling then on the break using his fast hands and feet, I think he even surprised himself in the clinch! Must say Superlek looked exhausted pretty early in this one, odd as Wanchalong was making the fight really.

Petboonchu vs Yodvicha

Boy did that one take some time to warm up! In the first two I wasn’t sure where this one was gonna end up, but it ended up in the deep hellish trenches of the clinch exhausting stuff! For anyone who wants to understand more about the dark arts of the clinch watch this fight, although it’s a shame you can’t see the feet positioning, only the hands and the hips. A pure technical clinch fest, one for the diehards, the gamblers but not the neutrals, but still a top tier fight of it’s kind. By the way Yodvicha is only 16 and he defeated one of the best clinch guys around!!!!!

Thong vs Palangtip

The clips too short to really get a sense of this one. Although it looked like two evenly and similar styled fighters with just one being very aggressive and the other too passive.

Goti vs Saknarin

Elbows, elbows elbow! I enjoyed this fight between two heavy strikers. I really like Goti’s aggressive style of solid punch flurries finished with some tasty low point kicking. He seems uber confident bearing in mind he’s only 15! A stablemate of Sam –A, one watch for the future maybe, I thought he had it in the bag…….until……BOOM, what a pin point perfect elbow, ain’t no body getting up from that one! Credit to Saknarin, for taking control & closing the book on this one in such a decisive way also a great elbow exchange in the middle of the third.

Niwlukrak vs Ploysiam

Lighting speed & great technique from two mini tornados for the “who’s the baddest little mofo around” belt! Good fight, really enjoyed it, accurate kicks vs heavy hands. Niwlukrak really pulled it back in the 4th, then great drama in the 5th with Ploysiam sweeping Niw twice and then Niw pulling back again with his heavy hands, great title fight! Ploysiam has a great lead leg kick by the way.

Super solid card with a mixture of everything you’d want with the exception of a total shoot out. Sam A and Seanchai’s loses aren’t anything too major or out the ordinary, if you fight as often as these guys on a fight circuit as deep in quality and as super competitive as the Thai circuit your gonna lose. Both Sam A and Seanchai had very bad starts to their fights and possible the hardest kind of fighter to play catch up against is a technical and patient kicker which both Singdam and Petpanumrung are. Just something to also bear in mind especially the boxing fans reading this, these guys are the best around and they routinely fight the best of the best week in week out, no tune ups no weak fights only top tier completion fight after fight after fight and almost all of the guys on this card fought less than two weeks ago in the last week of December! No Maywether Jr 8 month gaps between fight in this thread!!!!!

Some other interesting fight action from the holiday period:

Yokpet sets a trap for Chokitchai in Lumpinee……lights out!!


Palangpon deploys the machine gun razors on Trakunpet in Raja, aspirin anyone?!?!


An Issan derby that turned into a war with both guys deciding to carve each other’s faces up early with elbows………. Kongsak Sitboonmee (Red) vs Singthongnoi Por Telakoon (Blue) from Raja:


And finally from Lumpinee top boyz Diesellek vs Phetboonchu, the venom of Deislelk vs the tentacles of Phetboonchu…..interesting matchup with Phet trying to smother and lock onto Lek while Lek is struggling to maintain the tiniest bit of space to strike:

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