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Default Re: whats a good age for kids to start boxing?

The gym I took my son there is a 5 year old who spars with older kids who take it easy on him... They take turns sparing.. There is a black kid in the gym around 7 who is bad ass.. Slippin punches and moving the bigger kids back. He had been training since he was 4.... The 5 year old Mexican boy started 6 months ago and his father said he was afraid but now loves it and bangs in there taking some head snappers and coming back for more.. .For the most part I have seen the punches and it don't look serious at all. It looks like the punches start getting more serious around 9 or 10... There where 130 lb 13-15 year olds hitting the heavy bag, and I say these kids would be lethal in a fight already. Start em early is all the advice I can give.. There is a huge benefit to it. At 8 they are ready to compete and those who were schooled at 4-7 have a huge advantage over the kids coming in at 8 years old. It is all about confidence and the earlier they start the more confident they will be and even more so when they compete against guys who just started.

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