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Default Re: How To Train Yourself To Box (In a way)

Originally Posted by ROACH View Post
Once you get the fundamentals down and you find out what works for you and what doesn't, then you can start working on your 'moves' and then a coach necessarily necessary, unless you plan on being a dedicated pro.

I guess it varies for different people, but it takes a few years. And not every style works for every fighter.

For instance, I taught a guy to fight by emphasizing counterpunches and more of a slick style of fighting with a lot of footwork, but he was too hittable.

It wasn't working right. His frame was too boxy or something. He kept walking into jabs, but then again it had only been a year.

He had to use the hands up defense, but then agian, if I'm going against taller fighters and I can't dicate from the outside, or when they eventually figure me out and get their timing down, especially if they fast and got a great jab, I have two different methods of getting inside.

He used the hands up method, but even then, I feel like he wasn't getting low enough.

Some mother ****ers got it, some don't. I know a guy who was just slick as mother ****er, fast as ****, and could make your ankles spin when he hit you.

You can't teach that ****. Now, he didn't have no work ethic, so the guy that didn't have as much tallent made it to golden gloves instead of him, but if the mother ****er would have listened, and he would have trained harder, man, you'd be watchin him on TV.

He was a slick southpaw Tommy Hearns that could fight both ways. My only issue is he kept that mother ****in hand too far out to catch punches. And I told him he would get caught with some feints, but he was so damn athletic, that he barley got caught.


My point is, after you get down the punching if you stay conditioned, you can pretty much hit up a gym, get some timing down on the double end, and go right into sparring and you should get your timing back quick, so in a way, you are right.

If you you are serious about boxing though, you probably should join up with a squad.

You don't wanna be that guy that goes from gym to gym around the city just lookin to spar, although if you are that guy, I respect you.
Oh yeah you cant teach yourself those types of things,to be a formidable opponent against a good boxer in the ring teaching yourself would not be a good idea seeing as he's in a gym learning alot of new stuff and utilizing them in sparring and training in the proper setting ( a gym) while someone like me is going around trying to be a coach and boxer all at once and STILL not able to learn alot at once, he has to take in what he learns one at a time and utilizes his teachings in a unproper setting most of the time would get completely wrecked by amateur boxer in a match.
Basically what im saying is I know teaching yourself can only go so far but at least when you go in the gym you'll have the fundamentals and knowledge of the basics and some advanced techniques
I do play on becoming a serious boxer though not a guy who just does sparring
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