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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread

Sagat Petchyindee
Sakad Petchyindee
สกัด พรทวี

Born 1958

6 time champion (3x lumpinee, 3x Rajadamnern)
active through 70s-80s

One of the best Thai boxers ever, had massive power in his fist and devastatingly powerful kicks. Good patience, timing, and awareness moved well. wasnt a brawler, he stalked his prey and countered with powerful kicks. but of course his hands were his most dangerous weapon, that right uppercut in particular was deadly as was his lowkick.

Muaythai interview at Siamfightingmag

so three years after Seansak got his boxing title at junior welter in his third pro bout Sagat, in 1978 challenged for the WBC super bantamweight title in his third pro bout against ATG Bazooka Gomez! He lost by Ko in the third round. Went on to having 11 more boxing matches only losing his last. Captured and defended his regional title. A good boxing career.

I cant find any videos of Sagat's boxing matches. Perhaps flea man you can help me?

Boxrec record

Sakad vs Dieselnoi (short clip)

A few fights of Sakad opponents unknown

Sakad vs Nuongpanom

Sakad vs Ronnie Greene

Sakad vs Peter Cunningham - another good example why the sidekick is not a good weapon against a seasoned thai boxer.

thanks to dirk stal at axkickboxing for the pics.

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