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Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
How the hell can you say the guys today aren't better than the guys of the past if they haven't fought them? You don't know how good those guys were because they were fighting other undersized guys with poor nutrition and training. Anybody who is honest knows that most of the all time greats would only be journeymen these days. Old school boxers have no sharpness or explosion. Great fighters like Patterson.. he was an undersized cruiserweight. If you're 250 pounds you're not going to have the aerobic endurance of an 180 pound man, that's not how the human body works. It's a different time so stop trying to compare. Your heavyweight heroes are little boys in comparison. Compare Patterson to Andre Ward if you must, they're about the same size.
Wow theres no arguing with you your head is so up your own ass you cant even take valid points, and Patterson would beat Ward if thats what your saying... Patterson was the fastest heavyweight combination puncher and would beat Andre, andre dosent have any power so couldnt knock out Patterson. I know you wont think hell win cause your head is once again up your ass so far you cant see out of your **** goggles old man or young dousche whichever one it is... dont bother replying i cant be bothered talking to an idiot.
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