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Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
Yeah Burley, Patterson are great boxers. I haven't seen enough of Cerdan to make a judgement really. I just think it's stupid to compare heavyweights of the past to guys of today, old school heavyweights are really light heavys and cruisers so of course they are going to be more skilled, generally speaking. I also think the most skilled boxers today are more skilled than the top guys of the past from the video I've seen. Really I think it's an exercise in futility trying to measure fighters from different eras against each other. Apart from when you see fighters from the 20's-40's, those guys are noticeably inferior in every aspect of boxing and athleticism.
I partly agree with you- but your looking at HD images. With all the modern slow mo's and jazzyness.

If you look deeper- beyond the punching, there is a lot of skill that is so subtle you have to watch again and again to see it.

Also worth noting is tha some birds,through generations lose their wings due to lack of use- they are surplus to requirement. I'd venture that the work capacity of our recent ancestors was a lot higher then now- especially with the diminishing amount of manual labour, easier transport, sit down hobbies etc etc.
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