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Default Re: ***Rummy's Challenge: 2012 Final Standings Updated - Make your week 2, 2013 Picks

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
Meadow was in her prime.
At the time the show was released, I was only 22 or 23, so she seemed prime then. But looking back at those episodes NOW, she just looks like a kid to me.

The 2nd Season kicked all sorts of ass! I never particularly cared for it, but that was the first full season I watched when it aired. My outlook on season 2 was always that it was predictable, and that everything built up to them killing ***** at the end. This was a simplistic and unfair outlook by me that doesn't do the season justice, and it wasn't even really accurate either. The season really wasn't all that predictable. There was a lot better conflict going on with ***** than I'd realized.

Richie Aprile's character was awesome, too. The episode before the finale where he is killed by Janice after she yelped, "Who cares if your son is gay?" was ****ing genius!

As was the incredibly brilliant line from Tony: "You were in the joint 10 years and you were thinking about JANICE?!?!?! For Chrissakes, there are men in the can better looking than my sista!"

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