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Default Hand problem

For at least the last 6 - 12 months from time to time I've felt a tightness in the area of my right hand between the bottom of my thumb and index finger.

I originally thought it was down to using a mouse/keyboard regularly at work or even cold getting on the hand due to running at night so just thought it'd be something that passed.

However since I started boxing from time to time when I throw right hooks I feel my right wrist weaken and numb. Left hooks are fine, as are straight rights its just hooks / uppercuts.

Anyway, I was on the pads last week and felt this go again. I sparred again on Tuesday though and was alright but the rest of the week I've got tightness feeling I've had for a while but its alot worse.

Nearly all my finger joints feel tight, I've got a tingly feeling in my palm and I get a burning sensation on the top of my hand and palm. There were points today I had to stop using my mouse in work to stretch my hand.

I've googled the symptons and some are saying the tightness etc could be carpal tunnel syndrome.

Anyone ever had this? If so could it be the cause of the right hook problem? I've tried extra wrapping / monitoring technique etc but it still happens. The medical sites say this problem can affect the wrist and forearm as well so I'm thinking they might be linked.

Either way it's ****ing me right off.
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