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Default Re: damien hooper. is mundine responsible for his bad attitude?

Originally Posted by swingin View Post
using his indigenous heritage as an excuse to blame others for his behaviour. as an excuse to show a lack of respect for other people, and rules.

Can you site an example where he has said it's because he's Indigenous that he gets away with this behaviour, or are you just making an assumption based on him being Indigenous.
I agree that he exhibits anti social behaviour, however don't make it a racial issue without any evidence.
dont get me wrong. im all for indigenous people respecting themselves, their culture and claiming a special place in our society. i personally saw nothing wrong with kathy freeman flying the indigenous flag along with the australian one at the olympics. but put it in perspective. she had just WON AN OLYMPIC GOLD IN AUSTRALIA. hooper wore a indigenous t shirt to a boxing heat in the olympics overseas. he hadnt won anything, and all he did was cater to his own ideas, not respect what an australian team is.

had he won an olympic medal, and wore both flags like freeman, he could be forgiven. but all he did was break rules he knew were in place, just because he wanted to. he achieved nothing but gave an insight into the chip on his shoulder and his lack of respect for team mates and people who had given him a wonderful opportunity.
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