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Default Re: damien hooper. is mundine responsible for his bad attitude?

Originally Posted by swingin View Post
well as with the t shirt incident, he blamed others for the rules, not himself for putting the thing on...

how would you all feel if a lebanese boxer fighting for australia put on a leb flag t shirt? where do you draw the line?
1: Pretty sure he apologised to the AOC, took responsibility and explained the reasons behind wearing the shirt.
"AOC spokesman Damian Kelly says Hooper has apologised and will not be wearing the flag shirt again in London."

2. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people are the first people of Australia and therefore are in a different situation to migrants or the children of migrants who represent Australia. Also the Aboriginal and Torres Strait flags are officialy recognised as flags of Australia.

This does not excuse Hooper's behaviour with the police, I agree that he acts like a ****wit and is immature, however it's not a racial issue, more so an issue of being a ****wit, which crosses all races and socio-economic boundaries.
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