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Default Re: El Puma/Warpuma Chronicles

"Rest day" consisted of pull ups through out the day in sets of 8 (unbroken) totaling 120 and the Recon Ron Pull up Program 9-7-6-5-5.

152 total pullups today.

57 elevated push ups with 20 lb weighted vest.


135lbs x5



255lbs x5



245lbs x5


The following is how I live my life. I have done some pretty impressive things since I've been away. But that's in the past. Time for new pr's

“Death plays a huge role in why men climb, in the way they climb and why some of them eventually quit climbing in the high mountains. Alpinism often means high risk and the loss of life. Your friends may die up there in the clouds, in storms, swept away by avalanches, or cowering under a volley of stones. Perhaps they’ll freeze to death alone at the bottom of a deep, dark crevasse or sit down to rest and never get up again. This is the long fall, where the sky is rose and the mountains have never been as beautiful as they are today. Life bleeds away from a head injury, unnoticed. It’s about climbers dying doing what they love and spectators speculating, judging, and maybe having the last world. Alpinism is the story of men and the risks men take, the ones they are equal to, the ones they barely get away with, and those risks that kill them. It is about obsession. The danger and the glory, the addiction of going harder, higher, longer. Sometimes we get away with it, we survive when others do not.”
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