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Default Re: Having trouble sparring shorter opponent

If your Jab is not good enough to keep him off learn to pivot left and right circle both directions and step to him, he keeping you on your heals taking your power away. Feint a step back and brin a straight power punch if you miss grab and hold. He making you run so hes in control of the ring you have to take that control back by not doing what he expect you to do. You have to learn to mix it up improve you inside game it may not be as good as his but make his pay for coming inside. Mayweather/Castillio Mayweather with a great jab great reflexes, and great foot work could keep Castillio out but to get there and once he was there it was no walk in the park. You have to make him want to fight where you want him to. For a tall guy your inside game is usually your weakest, don't be the normal tall guy, improve on you in fighting while you have this short opponent in front of you, work on short crisp punches, improve you jab. You will most likely be faced with short guys your whole career, and everyone of them will want to be inside work on making them wanting to step outside where you will do your best work. being a well rounded fighter will take you farther than being just able to be on the outside jabbing. If you watch him he coming to get inside when he gets there load up on a nice hook to the body or short sharp uppercut, and tell him hello welcome to my house. Grab and hold move to the out side jab, when he moves inside stand your ground and welcome him into your house again. Don't let him work the inside and when he get there make him feel like he made a mistake.
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