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Default Re: "You have no evidence that Khan has a china chin..."

Originally Posted by Amsterdam

Well, now you DO!

Dropped and stunned by a light hitting domestic fighter, whom is a division up from his natural division. How's this kid going to take the shots of real World Class fighters?

For everyone who doubts the Zakman-Amsterdam scientific process of checking chins... here's to you!

"But... But... There's no evidence that he has a china chin.... you're just making outlandish claims as a hater"

All of this hype for what? A china chinned joke with some flashy speed.. wow. The only reason that I am not celebrating in full is that he wasn't finished off by Limond, but if Limond hit even a slight lick harder, it would have been OVER for this joker train.

It's likely that the better domestics remove him before he even breaks out into true World Rankings, what a ****ing joke.

By the way, let's give Willie some credit, he trained hard to the best of his abilities and officially exposed this fraud, GOOD ON YOU WILLIE!
I am a fellow Khan hater and i agreed with you from the start on this one

Never been impressed by Khan and if he wasn't handled by ****** i expect we would see him cut down to size within the next year or two

unfortunatly he is and he won't fight a live body now for about 3 years more than likely after this scare !
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