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Default Re: Jazza ****ens V Kid Galahad purse bids for English title

Originally Posted by Makeveli View Post
I don't think galahad is a big hitter Tony !
He hit Josh whale with every shot in the book and credit too him he just marched on for 9 rounds
Being saved from himself in the end by the doctor ,
He really bust him up but couldn't put him away
He's not a big punchers but he's not completely featherfisted either.

Kid thinks he is the second coming of Naz and that's what will be his undoing IMO .
As Naz had crazy power as well as skill
There will never be another Nas but as Ingle fighters there will obviously be similarities. Galahad's a confident, ****y character, Nas wasnt the only boxer to share those traits.

Galahad will be in big trouble if this fight happens although I don't expect it too.
We will get the same kind of shout that Tyson fury did when the board tried to get them to face off last year
( why should we fight jazza when we are only a couple of fights away from a world title ) will be the shout
Its a very different situation to Fury-Price; its at a lower level, is much lower profile & wont have any problems with tv.

Hennessey wanted to fight for the English title against Walsh but he vacated. If he's prepared to throw Galahad in with one unbeaten prospect then why not another?

We'll have to wait & see but I think this fight gets made.
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