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Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
Evolution doesn't happen in 100 years, the top athletes of today are better than older athletes in every event, there's no reason to think boxing is different. Old footage tends to look faster than it was and the old timers still look slow and plodding. And yeah I must be missing the subtle skill, people **** over Burley but I don't see him doing anything that Hopkins or Toney didn't do, I haven't seen fighters do things Mayweather and Jones couldn't do, and I've never seen a fighter as complete as Lomachenko. In general people are probably lazier than they've ever been but genetic expression is altered by lifestyle, if you have someone active from a young age then their work capacity would be exactly the same, probably advanced even because of nutrition and knowledge.
You can't even get this right.

First of all, the top athletes are better due to performance enhancing drugs. Look at the women's olympic records for instance. The records from the 70s and 80s are still standing.

And the records DESTROY any current times today, in regards to track and field.

And why?

Because that was the steriod era. Even with today's so called "modern technology and sports science," the women can't even get close to records of the past, and the women are STILL on juice, but not as blatantly as before.
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