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Default Re: WSB (World Series of Boxing) - Season 3

Round 5

Strets'kyy is pawing his right jab and standing with his legs wide. Brown takes advantage, quickly stepping in with a lead right and snapping Strets'kyy's head back. Clinch, Strets'kyy dragging Brown's head down toward his waist as they strafe while locked up. Soft left hook from outside by Brown, missing and getting him countered. Brown's eyes are a mess. He is exhausted, and repeatedly falls against Strets'kyy, holding onto him. Strets'kyy tries to whirl his fists up from his hips in quick combinations while Brown is making his feather's descent on his way in. The ref has them check Brown's cuts in the corner. Less than a minute left. Time in. Brown immediately rushes in and clinches. They flurry away at each other while each holding on with one arm, stabbing ferociously with the free one. Both miss some big shots, and Strets'kyy gets Brown in a headlock.

10-9 Strets'kyy

50-45 Strets'kyy
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