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Default Re: Fury calling out on UFC champ Velasquez on Twitter

Originally Posted by Peter__1987 View Post
Some people are just amazingly talented at missing the point completely.

"Oh yeah, why doesn't Cain step in a boxing ring see how he does then eh eh eh?"

Because, you dumb****s, Cain ISN'T THE ONE DOING THE CHALLENGING!!!!!!!!


Is that impossible to see? Cain isn't disrespecting boxing by saying "I could whoop Tyson Fury in a boxing match" It's the other way around.

Cain would mangle Fury in a MMA match

And Fury would mangle Cain in a boxing match.

Only difference is, Cain is not stupid enough to think any different, Fury is.

I've said this before and too be honest i'm getting bored of it now.

Any reasonable intelligent man who is non bias should know that if you have never trained wrestling before you CANNOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES stop a takedown from Cain Velasquez

This is common ****ing sense!!!! How can people argue against this? your really THAT ****ING DUMB you think Fury could do a couple month wrestling training then stop a takedown from Velasquez?

Some boxing fans need to really take their head out their **** and giving respect to MMA fighters.

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