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Default Re: I had Ottke 114-113 even after the 10-8 RD6 vs Reid

Originally Posted by TommyV View Post
Bull****. Round 6, Reid was warned for holding when Ottke charged in with his head. Then had a legit knockdown not called. Then a point taken for harmless clashes in which he was dipping to waist level and Ottke was walking in so as to make contact and giving the ref a chance to call them as fouls. There was even a point in round 7 were Ottke closed the distance and was inside, threw his head at Reid's chest and charged him all the way back to the ropes, Reid did absolutely nothing and the ref warned him as well as Ottke for being fouled.

Then of course there's this:
Was indeed ridiculous but Ottke did indeed WIN the fight.

That ref should be banned though from the sport.
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