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Default Re: Hunter: Khan lost the Garcia fight before he stepped in the ring....

Originally Posted by Darni187 View Post
Bro you know boxing about little details too, I mean if Khan just slowed a bit Garcia was not looking for him like Peterson, Garcia don't even have a high work rate, these guys him and his dad bank on you coming in so he can time you, Garcia slow footed around the ring and not really a pressure fighter who will hunter you down.

Khan was looking for him too much, just needed to slow down a little shortened the combos work his jab and maybe in later rounds when Garcia was ready to go step it up, remember Garcia had a cut over his right eye in the 2nd round that will also come into play over the rounds.

That's all speculation though. At the end of the day, nothing can be predicted in the boxing ring. You're just assuming this going by the two rounds you saw which Khan did very well in. Counter punchers naturally have a low work rate but the fact is, Khan is in there to get hit and when he does get hit, it's quite bad. I found it quite shocking with some of the blatant shots he got hit by from Molina. Amir just has complete disregard for his opponents punches when he's in there...

Molina was cut in round one as well. If we only saw the first two rounds of Khan-Molina, we'd think Khan would have him out of there in the next two, but it nearly went the full distance. Garcia, who is a stronger individual naturally, was cut but the cut was perfectly in control - it's not like it was bleeding heavily or really bothering him.
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