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Default Re: Hunter: Khan lost the Garcia fight before he stepped in the ring....

Originally Posted by Genaro G View Post
You sound like u got ur panties all up in a bunch. Youre just sensitive and depressed that Danny knocked the **** outta ur boy and sent him back home on his genie red carpet
Going back to your post while you try to change the subject, so you have no comment about it being racist? Unfortunately, you've degraded yourself to such moronic standards that you're not even worth the time.

I actually like Danny, I thought he was an excellent prospect ever since his win over Kendall Holt. Morons like yourself just like to jump the boat, talk a load of absolute *******s while trying to rile people up on the internet.

Really, think about what you do, because it's not even funny. I don't see the laugh you get out of it.
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