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Default Re: I Want to Become a Slickster

Originally Posted by 123ko View Post
it helps if you can see your opponent body movements to then give you a idea what punch he/she going to through
Originally Posted by greynotsoold View Post
Learn how to fight. A slip-line will not make you a slick fighter. Yoga will not make you a better fighter. Lifting weights and being able to run for hours on end will not make you a slick fighter. Learn how to fight. Then, and only then, will any of that other stuff matter.

A big part of being slick is being smart, boxing smart. If you want to be boxing smart, box, learn your craft. Then perhaps these things will enhance your boxing ability; in and of themselves they will not create that ability.

Being "slick' is not just slipping and bobbing and weaving. It is making the guy throw the punch you want him to throw when you want him to throw it, so you can land the punch you want to land. It requires a great deal of mental energy and boxing intelligence that only comes from boxing.
Originally Posted by greynotsoold View Post
But if you want to be 'slick' the very first thing you need to teach is your mind, teach it to think boxing. You shadow box for real, not just throwing punches in the air. Watch yourself in the mirror (Tommy Loughran and Whitaker were among those that watched everything they did in the mirror; I think Toney did too) so you know what the opponent sees when he looks at you. When you use a shoulder feint (or foot feint etc...) in the mirror, you see what the other guy sees and then you know how he'll react. When you are 'slick' you don't react to the opponent, you cause him to have the reaction that you want him to have, then take advantage of it.

Once you begin to understand that, and integrate those thought patterns into every aspect of your training (you fight the heavy bag, not 'hit' it), then doing yoga will make you a better fighter. (Benny Leonard was doing similar things in the early 20s and before) Then you're training with a purpose and to and end. A lot of guys, in my experience, don't take that step mentally because maybe their trainer doesn't understand it himself, or maybe because it is not easy and in those cases the physical aspect of training gets way out of whack. Meaning, that instead of being a fighter that is in great shape, you become a guy that can do 1000 burpees and run 43 miles and, oh yeah, spars sometimes.
If that makes sense.
Originally Posted by 123ko View Post

1,,80% of the time on the back foot
2,,mostly always counter with the jab first
3,,knowing the opponents boxing style ,,gives you a plan of attack
4,,4-6 faints in one round ,,this then gets a reaction,,which then gets you a power shot opening
5,,lots of light shot to create opening as well as saving energy
6,,looking at his/her chin thats the target, only look in their eyes if your in control of the fight
7,,be relaxed for a better reflex punch
8,,jab ,jab,,then jab some more **** of your opponent for him to then make mistakes (theres your opening)
9,,have a good guard to take some Punch's ,,sometimes you have to take a shot to find the opening
10,,slip and counter

off the top of my head that it for now ,,,to me this is what a slickster needs,,
Originally Posted by greynotsoold View Post
The skills needed to be "slick" are 1000% independent of any skill that can be learned by jogging, break dancing or yoga.
The question was, originally, how to be slick. The one and only answer to that question is to get into the ring and learn how to fight.You all have gotten onto a tangent that, to me, summarizes all that is wrong with boxing today.
CHECK THIS OUT. You will never be a great fighter until you learn how to fight. That requires a teacher that knows about fighting and can teach you how to learn. No matter how far you run or how much yoga you do or which muscles in your ass you stretch, it won't make you know how to fight. The term slick connotates a cat that knows how to fight. That is knowledge based.
You guys that think that you can deduce boxing to a physical exercise are way the **** off.
Originally Posted by greynotsoold View Post
So many, far too many, teach boxing as an exercise you can get good at by doing something else and that simply is not true. I don't give a screaming **** how far you can run or how high you can jump...has nothing at all to do with your boxing ability. If you ALREADY know how to fight, it may well enhance that ability. In and of itself it will not make you a good fighter. Learn how to fight. That creates the muscle memory that allows you to slip, counter, turn a guy, all the things that make you slick. Nothing else has **** all to do with it because it is based on boxing specific knowledge and you acquire boxing specific knowledge only by boxing.
Originally Posted by Theron View Post
Originally Posted by norfolkinchance View Post
I remember reading a boxing book and there is a quote from a qualified doctor in it and a sports scientist who said s**** knows far more than some of his colleagues....

just throwing that out there in a suitably vague, s**** like manner
Read thread, liked these parts
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