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Default Re: Having trouble sparring shorter opponent

Originally Posted by KillSomething View Post
I'm usually a bit taller than my opponents as well.

It's boring, but a good jab is really necessary. Figure out how to neutralize his jab and land yours constantly, not while backing away.

Learn how to stop and counter. It's ok to make him chase you but at times you need to walk him into punches. Usually a straight right followed by a left uppercut or hook downstairs.

When he has you near the ropes, draw a punch and turn him into the ropes.

Fight him on the inside with body shots.

Watch a lot of Salvador Sanchez, Mike McCallum, Ricardo Lopez, Erik Morales, etc.

The biggest thing to remember when you're a tall fighter is you have to earn the opponent's respect early. Everybody expects to be stronger than you, hit harder than you, and to have to chase you. You have to shake up their gameplan by hurting them early on, usually to the body, or even with a jab. You aren't limited to backing up and throwing jabs and straight rights. Sometimes you need to initiate infighting and land a hard uppercut or bodyshot. Don't be a runner just because you're tall.
its hard to prove that when they really are stronger.i think i just need more sparring,ive been boxing for 4 months now
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