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Default Re: Salido vs Garcia - Whats your prediction?

Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
Yeah I've had a good start to the year so far

As for salido - jmm it's hard to say because if salido would have upper a gear I think jmm could have done the same.

In the first Pac fight Pac threw everything he had at dinamita and by the end it was Juan finishing stronger.
Very very true.... however against Salido I actually think it was Salido that was finishing stronger in that fight (just imo, but I think I scored the 12th for Salido, maybe the 11th too)

But I have no doubt JMM would have upped his gears as well, I guess I should say, I think that fight could have been much greater had they not been friends. On both guys parts.

Also to note, I believe that was the first time Salido had ever fought past 10 rounds (? would have to check boxrec) kinda interesting

I dont hold that loss against him too bad. Really wish they would have rematched, I think Salido could have done better (even though he didnt do bad the first fight. Was a nice technical fight actually)
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