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Default Re: For all people that think Mayweather will fight Guerrero in May and Canelo in Sep

This is a disturbing thread, seriously. Most people who make a bet use a ban bet/avatar bet etc, for whatever reason, you want to use homo***ual fantasies. It is down right creepy and repugnant that you're on an online forum, talking about random men sucking your dick. The funny thing is you have this deep seeded hatred of Mayweather, you've basically become his little puppet. He has made a career off getting people to hate him, it's what he wants, because those are the suckers who chalk up $60 every PPV, praying he gets his ass kicked. You're lining his pockets, giving him the publicity he wants, and at the same time revealing closeted fantasies of men sucking your dick. You have pretty much "self owned," yourself in this thread.
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