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Default Re: GSP: Is he the second greatest MMA fight ever?

**** no, but a win over Silva might just do.

GSP is a distant 3rd, and hasn't finished anyone in 4 years. I rate Anderson Silva over Fedor because of longevity, and because he is a Champion in two different eras. No disrespect to Fedor, but after Pride died he sat out and never fought the Best Fighters in the World, in or from the premiere organization in the World. Avoiding the Best Fighters was still not enough to stop father time from catching up, but my man Anderson Silva is a few years older and still on top. By no means disrespect as this is fact, Fedor had it, but doesn't have the longevity to back those accomplishments up.

Anderson Silva has it all, and is a more dynamic striker. Slipping punches, breaking faces from the clinch, and front kicking opponents in the face... Ending fights seemingly whenver he pleases. We've never seen him dumped on his head, quit, or be punched out by a much smaller and older man. If Fedor is passed his prime then so be it, but Anderson Silva is still Great at an advanced age. Fedor just never reached that point, he crashed and burned as Anderson Silva aged like fine wine. Almost everyone is entitled to an opinion, but I don't think Fedor has it and probably because he never evolved his game. The Game Don't Wait, and he fell into Werdum's trap. He fell in love with his hands. That, and defeat ****ed him up which probably led to him quitting against Bigfoot. Hendo just pulled off an epic switch, and would have punched my man Fedor unconscious if it weren't for the man with the dreads.
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