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Default Re: Deontay Wilders next fight...

Originally Posted by Cableaddict View Post
Right. That's why they've matched him with a fighter that has 13 KO's in his 15 wins.

Let us know if/when you ever find a clue!

Greer is probably the best opponent they could find, in the "second tier" category, who would actually agree to fight Wilder. Wilder is still a "high risk / low reward" opponent. He needs a few more spectacular wins, on network TV, before better fighters will "have" to face him.

Plus, of course, he still needs more experience. Greer, sad to say, is at least a step up. He might be a good test of Wilder's still mainly-untested defense, at least for a few rounds.

"garbage tier"

13 kos in 15 wins?
that means **** when these are the guys you KO'd

2002-11-20 DeShawn Hamuud 0-1-0
2003-01-27 Rodney Bostick 1-2-0
2003-04-02 Monico Nieto 1-0-0
2005-05-26 William Ferguson 0-1-0
2005-08-26 William Cook 8-4-0
2005-11-02 John Rudolph debut
2006-08-18 Mike Reiter 0-1-0
2006-09-16 Andre McDaniel debut
2007-02-03 Vance Winn 6-20-2
2007-11-23 Jim Franklin 8-9-2
2008-01-18 Kerry Biles 9-13-2
2010-12-11 Eric Crittendon 2-10-0
2011-04-29 Marcus Rhode 34-41-2

1 word

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