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Default Re: For all people that think Mayweather will fight Guerrero in May and Canelo in Sep

Originally Posted by ROACH View Post
Mother ****in RUDYARD was in a Fraternity gettin BRO ****D, and he's tryin to call me gay?

Mother ****er got ****D.

If Rudyard sucks my ****, who the **** is gay? Rudyard is ****in gay, not me.

Gay mother ****er.

You see, I didn't offer to suck nobodies ****. Rudyard did.
How you can sit back and fix your **** sucker to call someone else gay is beyond me! Take a look in the mirror before you try to call somebody else gay...You're like a computer gangsta, you talk a lot of **** and in the mist of it, make a complete fool of yourself.

You seriously need to go back and read through this pathetic thread and you see why your *****ass is getting thrashed.

Come at me hoe!!
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