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Default Re: For all people that think Mayweather will fight Guerrero in May and Canelo in Sep

Originally Posted by Rudyard View Post
How you can sit back and fix your **** sucker to call someone else gay is beyond me! Take a look in the mirror before you try to call somebody else gay...You're like a computer gangsta, you talk a lot of shit and in the mist of it, make a complete fool of yourself.

You seriously need to go back and read through this pathetic thread and you see why your bitchass is getting thrashed.

Come at me hoe!!
Let me ask you this, rich boy...

Were you in a Frat?

If you were, I seen where mother ****ers RAPE mother ****ers to get in.

You were RAPED.

You got RAPED by a man. That is some gay shit. You never even been locked up in you LIFE.

You never even been in a HOLDING CELL.

Yet, you're bitch ass found a way to get RAPED in every day life.




MOTHER ****ER got RAPED@!!!!!!\\


And you watch mother ****in UFC!!!!

OH SHIT!!! That shit is GAY as a mother ****er.

YOU are GAY as a mother ****er.
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