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Default Re: Deontay Wilders next fight...

Originally Posted by Saintpat View Post
Fight was made on less than 10 days notice without a big budget -- a keep-busy fight filling out a card late in the process.

Wilder just KO'd a top-100 world opponent in Price, this is just a way for Wilder to stay active while waiting to see when Showtime wants him back on TV. Fight was shopped to a few trial horses and they all turned it down wanting more time and money. Better to take this fight and stay sharp than sit and wait for 3-6 months.
That would be all well and good if Wilder hadn't made a career out of "stay busy" fights. The vast majority of his opponents in the last two years have been guys no legitimate prospect should be fighting at that stage of thier career - has-beens, bums, club fighters and journeymen - Kelvin Price was a step up for Wilder but not a significant one, and he's made an immediate step back down again for his next opponent.

Just when you think he's about to start trying to make something out of his career and fight decent opposition, just when you think he's going to start trying to move up the rankings and make himself a legitimate contender after four years in the business, he and his promoters go and sign him up to fight another nobody!

How can anyone take this man seriously? He's made no progress whatsoever since his debut, and the one time he looked likely to step up a level after beating the only guy in the top 100 rankings he'd faced he throws it all away to add to his own bum-of-the-month club tally.
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