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Default How to get a wrestler to throw faster?

I was going to post this in the mma forum, but I figured I would try here. My main back ground is boxing...i have trained some mma, would likely not fight because I am far from great on the ground (if i ever got motivated to really learn it im sure i could..but im getting old anyhow)

Anyhow, I help train the striking at the mma gym i work out at (free membership for me) one of the things I have noticed is this. Wrestlers tend to be slowwwww when it comes to punches. Strong as ****ing oxes, but that doesn't always even translate into punching power. My best guess is all the wrestling is like years of intense strength training.

I also noticed that about a year ago i went 3 weeks of wrestling for 5 days straight. I literally noticed my biceps getting bigger and stronger by the end (skin actually felt tight) but my punches slowed up.

So i am thinking some things to loosen up the bicep muscle will be good.

None of the guys I work with are going to stop grappling, the most i might get is for them to cut it down for a few weeks as we focus on strikes...but anyhow, any good exercises that anyone has would be appreciated.
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