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Default GSP/Silva vs Cain/JDS/Overeem

This might sound like an irrelevant question, but I was recently watching some of the older UFC's. I still remember watching the first few live back in the 90's. My question is what if the tournament format was still the same? Would we be looking at Silva or GSP in the same way?

Example, I may be wrong, but I dont see Silva beating Overeem or JDS or Cain. GSP I see losing even worse with the early rules. In no way do I think those Heavies are better than GSP, talent wise or ATG status, let alone even being close to Silva in terms of class. yet they would all beat Silva and GSP, in my opinion at least.

I guess I just find it interesting that 20 years ago, arguably, the two GOAT in The Octagon, would barely even be contenders, if the fighters from today were sent back 20 years. Any thoughts or anyone else find this interesting at all?
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