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Originally Posted by Johnstown View Post
Why do you think they stand guys up? Is that "as real as it gets" why do you think boxing use to have hip tosses and lots of clinch work under London Prize rules, but than changed. Why is it that if you go to a stud wrestling program and look at the stands you see the wrestlers parents and girlfriends and no one else? Because it is ****ing boring. Does MMA have striking? Yes of course, and 90 percent of it is ****, other than the guys who come from k1, and some other stand up guys. I respect the hell out of grappling...i have rolled with guys, and i know it is nasty business and when a guy has you in a arm bar, there is nothing gay about it...having said all that...its boring as **** to watch.
**** off Johnstown....

If you can't appreciate ground game stick to boxing
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