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Default Re: The official 1 month countdown thread to mundine vs geale 2

Originally Posted by Rooboys View Post
Lol surely u don't think Albert or adama has achieved more mundine?
I didn't say they did.
I rate fighters that they beat.
So do I.
For instance I think mundine beating green, was a better victory then green beating Dominguez
So do I.
Mandy beating Green was one of his best wins. He did it convicingly.
Don't forget though, Green is shit.
It's not all bout titles its about who u face and beat.
No shit. I didn't bring titles into it, you did. And I quote...
How can u compare them? 1 is a 4 time champ if u include a interim title in 3 different weights. How many titles has Albert and adama won between them?
As for who you face and beat?
Who has Mandy beaten? (Besides a controversial win to Geale).

Every other time he decided to step it up, he lost.

Geale has stepped it up and won.
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