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Default Re: The official 1 month countdown thread to mundine vs geale 2

Originally Posted by Rooboys View Post
Lol surely u don't think Albert or adama has achieved more mundine?
I didn't say they did.
I rate fighters that they beat.
So do I.
For instance I think mundine beating green, was a better victory then green beating Dominguez
So do I.
Mandy beating Green was one of his best wins. He did it convicingly.
Don't forget though, Green is ****.
It's not all bout titles its about who u face and beat.
No ****. I didn't bring titles into it, you did. And I quote...
How can u compare them? 1 is a 4 time champ if u include a interim title in 3 different weights. How many titles has Albert and adama won between them?
As for who you face and beat?
Who has Mandy beaten? (Besides a controversial win to Geale).

Every other time he decided to step it up, he lost.

Geale has stepped it up and won.
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