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Default Re: GSP: Is he the second greatest MMA fight ever?

That's not what I expected at all......but in a good way.

I wasn't expecting such a one sided affair, or that's how it seemed to me not understanding much about the ground game. It was a pretty full on beating, the sound of those body shots was sickening. Nog's durability, what can you say other than the guy must've been carved out of Brazil's finest granite. Fedor's strength and speed look deceivingly good, I imagine they catch alot of guys by surprise when they actually get in there with him. What is it with Ruskies and natural strength, the way he effortlessly shrugged of the Brazilians attempts at just about everything, even I can see was pretty awesome stuff. I remember Igor form the 90s, he never had the grace or skill of Fedor, but he did have this kinda natural strength to push or pull his way out of things, must be Soviet Bloc thing, Cheynobal fallout or something!

To be honest I haven't really seen too much of Fedor, the odd thing here and there, but now I've got this link I'm gonna start watching back that era of Pride. One thing I do really really like about him is the way that when he's standing he is very solid on his feet and he feels very well balanced for quick single power shots not so much combos. He doesn't move around too much, he seems very comfortable and patient under fire, steadfast and looking to unload. He also seems very economical with his strikes, he doesn't throw cos he feels he has to, he only throws when it's right and he commits with power. The above skills are definitely in short supply in alot of current MMA, far too many guys bouncing around and throwing half committed shots cos they kinda feel they have to, but it's just experience and that'll filter down as things develop.

Anyway, thanks guys I enjoyed it. It seems I've got a whole lot of Pride to enjoy for the first time. I've been putting it off but now there's no turning back it's gotta be done.

A couple of questions:

Was there a rematch?

How long was Fedor's run as Champ once he won the belt?

What is Fedor's base? What did he come out off?

(If I don't reply right away, I'm not being rude got a plane to catch soon).
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